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Do you need a quotation quickly? Please phone us and we will send you a quotation shortly.


After the founding of the company in 1925, Baets was engaged in the fuel trade and forage. Over the years various other products and services have been added and the company has developed into a full-service commercial enterprise.

M.Baets Handel B.V. has extensive experience, aimed at the purchase and sales of forage, oil products, fertilizers and all kinds of recycling materials. The company has been GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice). A safeguard for quality. Apart from Dutch products we also import goods from abroad. The heart of our trading activities is delivering a high-quality product at a good price.

For more information about the purchasing options and the prices of the described products, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We are looking forward to helping you.

Baets is GMP approved


Hay, straw, chopped straw, brewery spent grain, beetroot press pulp,
green and silage maize, forage potatoes and related products.

Oil products

Petroleum, Gasoil red, Diesel red EN 590, Premium diesel, Ad Blue and lubricants.


Various kinds of fertilizers in bags and dumped in bulk.

Recycling materials

• Rubber waste, vulcanized and non-vulcanized (EPDM).
• Tyre wire scrap, in packages and unpacked bulk.
• Plastics, PMMA, PVC, Plastisol, PEPP, PA, HDPE, EPS, ABS, etc. in all shapes and
spatie sizes.
• Plastics recyclate in grinding materials, agglomorate, re-granulate and
spatie lumps.


We dispose of an electronic weighbridge(70 tons).
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